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Eternal Legends in the making...

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Eternal Legends in the making... Empty Eternal Legends in the making...

Post by Matthew on Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:59 pm

Matthew here,
Just wanted to point out that I am resuming a game I've been working on since last summer. It's a 2.5D MMORPG, I'm working on the client as of now. It's made in C++ so hopefully when it's done I can get it ported to Android. Then after its success (Haha) I can get it reworked for IOS.

This is going to be huge if it hits the Android and IOS Market, because of my knowledge there arn't very many 2.5d games that are MMO. So I'm hoping to get this client done before christmas. (Haha)

Also, making the maps, is a pain. So I will actually release the game into a Beta stage, where maps will still be worked on.
As you all know I work for www.GalaxyTabs.com as a writer. You should sub to it.
Sub to my YouTube channel as well, username is TheMatthewBe (Ignore the old Videos)

Thanks everyone!

-Matthew Bryan, Team Leader and Developer-

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