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Tornadoes... Empty Tornadoes...

Post by Matthew on Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:44 pm

Yes, Tornadoes. The things that scare me the most, visited.

Here's a story for me to share.

I'm standing in the breezeway, talking to one of my friend's dads about programming and what-not. I'm on the 3rd floor. And in the distance, I could see the up drafts. Clouds were forming, by coming from the ground and rising into the air. Lightning, and the sky was green.

When I say the sky was green, it was GREEN. Anyways, we saw a couple of sprouts, and the gigantic thing go swallowed by rain. This WALL of rain seemed to be covering the tornado. I could definitely hear it coming.

It sounded like a train in the distance, (Followed by rain) coming closer and closer, and this wall of rain just came and hit the apartments I lived at like a car would hit a brick wall. Hail damaged some cars, and the winds knocked some things over.

That tornado I saw form with my own eyes hit the other side of town a quarter mile away from me. It threw power lines and cars on TOP of the interstate, and some cars off the interstate onto the road below. I don't think anyone was killed however.

After everything passed the power and cable went out. I got it back REALLY late last night. So yup, there's my experience with the first tornado of the season.

LAST year, was a different story. Two F3's came barreling through this place April 27th. Homes and businesses were flattened, luckily not the place I live at, which are 4 floor apartment buildings sitting up on a hill. I was in school the day that happened. Transformer exploded but that was about it at the school. Tornado jumped it, that's what the weather chasers said. It's only the very beginning of March.

I hope there won't be any more here. I've had too many run ins with tornados in my life. It's time to move.

My heart goes out to all the families affected by this outbreak. Stay safe!

-Matthew Bryan, Team Leader and Developer-

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