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Tiny World Wars

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Tiny World Wars Empty Tiny World Wars

YUP! Eternal Legends will have to wait. I don't know anyone who's looking forward to that game anyways. I work on redoing the client for it in my spare time. I spend at least half an hour a day into it, and have been working on it since last summer. I have to update the server for the game too. Which I have to do by hand, and on my older desktop, where it resides on. I hate using that desktop, it's slow as molasses. But it works great as a server computer. Which is what I'm going to be using to run the servers for all future games. It's got a low enough wattage so I can keep it on 24/7.

On to the big news;
I've started working on a game. It's an FPS called Tiny World Wars. I don't want to say much about it JUST yet. But I will release hints at it. I've got the mechanics down, and the skin. I just need ideas for some FPS weapons to use, and characters. I have been sketching out the maps, and the models I have to make in Blender (Blender, eh. I prefer 3Ds Max or Maya, but they refuse to work on this laptop)

I still have a bit more sketching to come up with.

What I can say about it:
Yes, it is being made in Unity3D.
Yes, the models are going to be made in blender.
Yes, the game will eventually have it's own special music track, from a good friend of mine who is AMAZING in music production.
Yes, it will be fun.
Yes, it is being made for PC and Android only right now.

Not sure on the price. Making it free would probably be easier on me, considering I have no idea how the whole idea works behind paying for applications. I will have to set up a different website for it. I was thinking, if I make it $5 USD, and make it where you have to sign up on the website, then pay, then you can play. I don't want to worry so much about that right now. But I have several ideas on how to make this happen. Including (WAYYY int he future), an online shop, and signin client. Much like Steam. Like I said, that's way int he future.

Have fun guessing what the game is. Want to guess? Post in General. Tiny World Wars is the name.

Note: To the very, very few, who know it, please do not say anything about it. I would like it to be moderately secret until the maps are at least made.

I've got a lot to work on. Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Bryan, Team Leader and Developer-

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